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Petr Dostál

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Artificial Intelligence - Soft Computing - Fuzzy logic - Genetic algorithms - Neural networks - Chaos Theory - Update 20.03.2024

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EPI Kunovice, Czechia
SUA Nitra, Slovakia
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About me

Prof. Ing. Dostál Petr CSc.
Professor of Economy and Management
Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Business and Management
Institute of Informatics
Czech Republic

Petr Dostál is a professor of economics and management. He teaches at Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic. His field of interest is the use of soft computing and artificial intelligence such as fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and the theory of chaos in business and public services. As an economic and organisation adviser, he has worked in private firms and institutions. He is a member of international institutions, program and organizing committees, scientific and editorial advisory boards. Editor of Soft Computing Journal – Springer, member of Advisory Board of Egyptian Computer Science Journal, member of Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing, Society of Computational Economics, Association for Computing Machinery, and member and advisor of International Institution of Forecasters. He gives lectures at various universities at home and abroad. He has published many books and articles in international journals.

This website is focused on the decision making processes in the field of Economy and Management. The means preferred on the web are based on the theory of
  • Fuzzy Logic (FL), - Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  • Genetic Algorithms (GA)
  • Chaos (CH)
  • and the combination and classical methods together

The field of use is mainly focused on the decision making processes such as evaluation of grant of mortgage and credit (FL,ANN), choice of consumers for marketing purposes (FL), judgment prices (ANN), production scheduling (GA), evaluation investment strategy (GA), travelling-salesman problem and knapsack (GA), cluster analyses (GA), creation of portfolios (GA), evaluation of rate of chaos (CH), evaluation of rate of prediction(CH), prediction of time series (FL,ANN,GA,CH) and other. The decision making can be used in: firms, companies, enterprises, organizations, establishments, other areas.


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