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Petr Dostál

Economy & Management – Decision Making – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Soft Computing - Fuzzy logic - Genetic algorithms - Neural networks - Chaos Theory

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BUT Brno, Czechia
MUNI Brno, Czechia
TBU Zlin, Czechia
EPI Kunovice, Czechia
SUA Nitra, Slovakia
NTU Nottingham, UK  
ASU Cairo, Egypt
DOM Chicago, USA
UCH Chicago, USA
KU Kathmandu, Nepal
AU Ariel, Izrael
NCCU Taipei, Taiwan
HIT Haldia, Indie
UAS Leiden, Netherlands
SIU Győr, Hungary
UD Dubai, UAE

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PhD students

Graduated PhD Students

The methodology of client solvency assessment in insurance business
doc. Ing. Radek Doskočil, Ph.D. MSc

Advanced methods of analyses and simulation in business – expert systems for decision making on the stock market
Ing. Jan Budík, Ph.D., MBA

The use of soft computing in order cycle management
Ing. Tereza Šustrová, Ph.D.

The use of soft computing methods as a support for decision making processes in enterprise Control
Ing. J. Pekárek, Ph.D.

Expert system for decision making on stock markets using investor sentiment
Ing. et. Ing. Zuzana Janková, Ph.D.

The use of convolutional neural networks for predicting the financial failure of a company
Ing. M. Šebestová, Ph.D.

Machine learning in customer churn prediction
Ing. M. Fridrich, MBA, Ph.D.

Current PhD Students

The use of artificial intelligence as a support for decision-making
Ing. Šuňavcová
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